Yang Shout

CONNECTS US more closely than other social networks. We are, after all, a family =)


Basic Info

https://yang.social/ is a social network that gives you 1000 characters every post to spend however you want. For the most part, we will not moderate the network and instead encourage people to block users / content they don't agree with. No email address or phone number is required to signup. Just pick a username and password you want! We suggest getting started by following @yang@yang.social, a mirror of Yang's Twitter feed.

Technical information: Our social network is powered by Pleroma, a Mastodon alternative. Pleroma is an open-source decentralized social network similar to Twitter or Tumblr. Anyone can create an account on any server and communicate with any other servers/users on the network. The MastodonAPI allows developers to easily deploy whatever bots they can imagine via HTTP GET / HTTP POST calls. Multiple open-source clients are available for all platforms.

Why use it?

Anyone who's used Twitter for more than 10 minutes can see why it's not the best as an alternative to Facebook. Unlike Twitter, on Yang Social you don't need to worry about shadowbanning, algorithmic gaslighting, or an unbearable web interface. There is also an increased character limit of 1000 characters, rather than 280. This leads to better conversation because you have room to fully express yourself. Yang Social is part of a network with over 3,000,000 members – while it may not have the same community size as Facebook or Twitter, there are a lot of real humans and plenty of discourse. Oh, and it goes without mentioning that there's no advertisements, email verification, VPN blocking, or tracking.

There are lots of newsbots on the network which makes it suitable as a news reader. You can also contact us to add any news sources you'd like to see in your feed. And, every time you post, other people will see that the post is coming from the Yang server. Just by posting you can raise awareness for the campaign!

Getting more use

The mobile webpage is already quite robust, and should cover most needs. But there is a hidden “Tweetdeck” (Mastodon) interface for web users at https://yang.social/web with multiple columns. We also have Desktop and Mobile apps available at Pleroma.com. An alternative for Android, Fedilab, is quite popular, while Amaroq seems to be popular with iOS users.

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