Yang Chat

CONNECTS US more closely than other social networks. We are, after all, a family =)

Basic chat info

Our chat uses Matrix. Matrix is an open-source decentralized chat program similar to Discord or Slack. Anyone can make an account on any server on the network and create chatrooms that any other user can join. Strong privacy features prevent censorship and modular design allows developers to add whatever plugins they want (like bots and relays). Multiple open-source clients are available for all platforms.

Our flagship chatserver is located at #yang:matrix.1000dollars.info, aka the chatroom #yang at the chatserver matrix.1000dollars.info. You are automatically added to this room when you create an account on the server. To join this room from a different server, just paste the full chatroom address. The primary administrator of the server is @hex@matrix.1000dollars.info who can be contacted for assistance or moderation.

How to join Matrix

The image covers how to join fairly well;

  1. click “register an account”
  2. type in a username and password you'll be able to remember.
  3. That's it, you're done!

If you download the Desktop or Mobile app:

  1. click “change server” on the login screen
  2. then input your username and password as you normally would.


We also maintain a thriving ecosystem of Facebook Messenger groups.

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